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Measured response

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 10, 2009

rulers1Chris Penn writes about social media measurement in his new blog post “It IS a Numbers Game – Thinking About What Numbers Actually Matter.”

He addresses simple yet significant points about what you should measure and what that measurement metric means. He tells those in social media to investigate the what and why of their numbers, not necessarily the quantity of the numbers.

In PR, measurement remains the Holy Grail. We’ve created a long list of metrics to show clients the value of their campaigns. None of them are perfect.

Social media gives PR agencies an early opportunity (because it is still early in the development of social media – you’re not as far behind as you think!) to define measurement criteria and show clients what is working and what is not. Social media will not be for everyone, even though almost everyone is asking about it today. Do you need a Facebook page? Do you need a Twitter feed? Probably, but only immersion will fully reveal the return on these marketing efforts. 

And by applying sound measurement principals to social media, public relations professionals will have a much needed chance to show clients what to do, why to do it and what the value is to them.


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