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Global business needs global PR

Posted by thecastlegroup on May 28, 2009

PRGN, our international network of outstanding independent PR firms just got a little bigger (see below). Our network now has 43 members around the world, which is beginning to feel more and more like an international virtual firm, as the number of queries, information requests, new business opportunities and suggestions increases every day.

In the last 24 hours, I have been in contact with members from Singapore, Poland, Spain, Atlanta, San Francisco, South Africa, Ireland and India. Last month, the group’s agency principals met in Sao Paolo, in November we convene in NYC, and next spring it’s Brussels. I never did a semester abroad when I was in college, but I feel like I am making up for that now.  

Every day I learn about not just what is happening in PR in other vital cities, but about how those cities are being affected by the global economy, digital and social media, sporting events, weather and even the swine flu. This insight is helpful to my clients and to my staff, and is a daily reminder of how things are both different and the same in other cultures.  

If we accept that PR is about reaching audiences, there is no better eye-opener than hearing about how different methods and approaches work in different cultures. The European members tend to be more collaborative, as different countries obviously have their own languages and cultures to contend with; in the US there is less client collaboration, as the agencies don’t typically have those barriers when representing national clients. Although it is fun to work collectively on clients that have local market needs, we learn that what works in Atlanta might not work in Boston, and vice versa. I admit I’m slightly jealous that in London it is still acceptable for journalists and PR people to discuss their pitches over drinks. 


Joining the ranks of PRGN are:

CooperKatz & Company (New York)

Ground Floor Media (Denver)

The Harrell Group (Dallas)

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