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Social Tuesday – A Look Around the Web

Posted by thecastlegroup on June 30, 2009

We take a look at a variety of bloggers and their recent views and postings on social media.

Chris Brogan discusses the need for a thoughtful, blogging presence in the ever-growing “statusphere.” His posting was in response to Steve Rubel’s thoughts on Posterous.

Social media has become the “new black” of marketing, networking and just about every other form of communication. As is the case with anything popular, many people are quick to label themselves as “experts,” so how do you know who to listen to, follow or friend? And, more importantly, how is your level of success measured, thus making you an expert?  Brian Solis helps to define social media success.

Andrew G.R. discusses the benefits with holding online conferences with Paratweet.

Do the terms beetweet, sweeple, twiking and twitduit make your head spin? Thanks to Mashable’s recent launch of the Twitter Guide Book, you’ll go from a neweeter to an adventuriter in no time.

Tracking event hashtags (E.G. #SXSW) on Twitter allows you to catch up on news, but where does the real value lie?  Ben Yoskovitz explains how you can easily form new relationships based upon common interests.

A new Digg application allows you to check out what your friends are into. Stan Schroeder explains.

People are now trying to better define their online identities, and user names are another way to do so.  But what if your name or business name is not available?  Hope is not lost. Jonathan Bailey weighs in on your rights.


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