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Reality TV’s lessons reflect business realities

Posted by thecastlegroup on July 1, 2009

Not to say the team at The Castle Group is addicted to reality TV, but, well, we are. Today, Castle co-founder Sandy Lish sprinkles water on the theory that, yes, reality TV can teach us lessons about actual reality.

Today is Wednesday, and in my house, my kids look forward to watching “Wipeout,” a network reality show where contestants traverse a variety of bizarre obstacle courses for cash prizes. Yes, my husband and I watch it too. And, perhaps in the interest of justifying my enjoyment of such a mindless and non-redeeming program, I have decided that “Wipeout” provides some life lessons, particularly related to the state of today’s world.

“Wipeout” is like life today because:

  • Contestants have never been through anything similar before.
  • Surprises are around every corner.
  • Those who plan their course strategies fare better than those who just “go for it” without any planning.
  • The same applies to those who are physically fit (e.g., have the experience) to handle the course.
  • Someone will win, but not everyone wins. It is survival of the fittest (not to mix my “reality TV metaphors.”)
  • It helps to laugh.


The takeaway: Be prepared for anything today, but draw on your life experiences, plan strategically for any/every situation, and laugh. I am sure that what does not knock you off a giant spinning wheel makes you stronger.

2 Responses to “Reality TV’s lessons reflect business realities”

  1. Dana Boudreau said

    So true. I can relate. There has been many giant spinning wheels coming my way lately.

    Thank you for reminding us to “LAUGH”.

  2. […] that’s on our minds (and we mean anything: please see our blog posting on the game show “Wipeout”). Blogging allows you to connect in a different way by using a more conversational tone, thus […]

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