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Monday Morning Intern: Lessons Learned From a Broken Foot

Posted by thecastlegroup on July 20, 2009

We asked our summer PR intern, Emily Grund, to write a weekly column talking about her internship experience at The Castle Group. Please tune in Mondays to hear about Emily’s latest intern adventures. And a big welcome back to Emily who is finally back in the office after surgery on her broken foot. Which leads nicely to the post below. Read on!

After breaking my foot, I was sentenced to two weeks of bed rest and during that time I realized something some may find surprising – I really missed working.

Many joked with me that it must have been nice to not have to go to work and to be waited on hand and foot. Well, it was not as glamorous as it seemed, at least not for me. Let me enlighten you on why I’d rather work at The Castle Group (even on weekends!) than lay in bed all day.  

I am a people person. Unlike at my house, at The Castle Group I am surrounded by people. The office has a fast-paced environment which I enjoy, everyone is always in and out of meetings or making sure everyone’s on the same page with projects. E-mails go back and forth revising pitch letters and press releases, and quick questions are answered by visiting the next desk over. Besides just the presence of people, I enjoy being around these people. Their personalities alone make coming to work enjoyable. Not only is everyone hard working and helpful, everyone also has a great sense of humor. Whether it’s Scott and Jason picking on one another or Linda singing along to “The Safety Dance,” the friendly atmosphere throughout the day keeps everyone motivated and in high spirits.

I like hands-on projects. While stuck in bed with an elevated foot, I tried to keep as busy as I could by reading, and writing. I even tried to teach myself how to play the guitar. However, it just wasn’t the same as working toward something bigger. I thrive on deadlines and seeing the results of my hard work. I like having a variety of things to work on as well as perfecting my time management skills. Since the start of my internship, everyone at Castle has given me multiple hands-on projects, so it was no surprise to me that I found myself painfully bored at home. Even at school or in my social life I keep a busy schedule. Some say the down time should be good for me, but I much prefer being back in the office.

I love the city. “Boston you’re my home,” as The Standellsand Red Sox fans around the world sing. Though the commute is lengthy, it’s a part of the experience. Plus who else can say “For work today, I’m handing out flyers for an event outside Fenway, and then going to the Red Sox vs. Yankee game after?” I love the opportunities in the city presented to me by working at Castle, whether it’s a social media project, an event, places to eat or meeting new people. The office is located in the beautiful Charlestown Navy Yard; due to my injury, I now miss the walk over the Charlestown Bridge I once used to dread. To be honest, I just miss walking in general. No doubt my commute is now trickier, but getting back into Boston has been refreshing.

I missed working because I missed valuable opportunities to learn at my internship. I realize many others would be happy to miss time at their job, and that has made me appreciate my experience here even more.

Now, go take a walk, because you can!

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