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Social Tuesday: Twitter personality, social media engagement, Twitcam & screencast

Posted by thecastlegroup on July 28, 2009

It’s important that your company’s tweets not only provide useful information, but express personality as well. A company’s corporate culture can help followers feel more of a connection, and thus become interested in learning more. Not sure how to establish your corporate culture?  Sharlyn Lauby offers some tips here.

A recent survey analyzed the relationship between 100 of the most valuable brands and how they engage across 11 different online social-media venues, including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Learn how these successful businesses grew their social networks. Steve Rubel’s big takeaway from the study? “Social capital goes to those who innovate early, often and with excellence.”  

Give your Twitter page life (literally) with Twitcam. The live video chats allow you to host news conferences, demonstrations, general discussions and more, all in real time. Brian Solis gives more detail on the application.

Tired of preparing the same old PowerPoint presentations? Check out screencasts, simple videos that show what is happening on your computer screen. Many screencasts are free and you can even add fun extras. You can use screencasts in your social media efforts. E-mail screencasts to a friend, share them across networks, generate a URL or embed them directly on your site. Andrew G.R gives more detail.


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