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Now what? Tips for building your Twitter participation

Posted by thecastlegroup on July 29, 2009

Do the terms beetweet, sweeple, twiking and twitduit make your head spin? You’re not alone. Many people who have signed up for a Twitter account don’t know what to do once they have it.

Below are tips to help you go from a neweeter to an adventuriter in no time.

 1.) Follow brands/people/organizations related to what you do. Go to “Find People” at the top right of the screen and type in the name of a company or person you know to see if they have a Twitter feed.

2.) Once you identify someone to follow, click on their lists of followers/following and scroll through to find additional people you want to follow.

3.) Go to Use your Twitter handle and password to log in. Click on three categories that describe you. You can also auto-tweet your sign-up to help people find you on Twitter. While you’re there, scroll through your relevant categories to find people to follow.

4.) On Twitter, follow Mr. Tweet, who will send you a direct message notifying you that it has identified people you may want to follow based on your interests. Log in to your Twitter handle and password. You can then scroll through the lists and click on the people you want to follow; easy to do while you’re watching tv at night.

5.) Use and search for topics using the “hashtag” (#) followed by the topic name in the search bar on the right hand side — a great way to track news on a particular subject.

6.) Finally – Tweet! Generating your own posts and retweeting others is the best way to build a following.

If you’d like a more detailed discussion on Twitter strategy, please contact us!


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