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Social Tuesday: streams, experts, action

Posted by thecastlegroup on August 11, 2009

These days, everyone’s talking “streams.” But what exactly does this mean? Streams are continuous bits of information and they’re everywhere: Facebook updates, Twitter, etc. But streams are now popping up on news sites, and Steve Rubel discusses the problems this may cause.

Looking to add Usability Experts to your Twitter follow list? You may think you don’t need them, but these experts critique everything from website designs to elevator buttons. Nick Gould makes suggestions on those worth following.

One may think that the term “active listening” has positive connotations, but the term, meaning “listening for meaning,” is only half of the equation when referring to customer interactions on the web. Brian Solis discusses the importance of the other half – action.

Add-ons for Twitter can become addicting. With names like Tweecious, Twit Tunes and Twitzerit’s hard not to go click crazy. Restrain yourself, and take Maris Dagis’ advice on which are worth adding.

If your company is looking to create some buzz with an online contest, first read B.L. Ochman’s thoughts on two very different approaches. Bottom line: make sure your contest has easy instructions, is fun and, most importantly, that it is NOT self-serving.


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