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Social Tuesday: blogging, links, Echo, LinkedIn

Posted by thecastlegroup on September 16, 2009

Looking to give your company’s link postings a boost? Take a look at your competitors’ links and build the same ones for yourself. Dee Barizo outlines how you can do this with Google or Yahoo in just one easy step.

Bloggers are regularly challenged to come up with creative material. Whether a blogger, PR professional or even a student, we can all use inspiration for fresh content from time to time. Michelle Bowles helps to pull you out of your rut.

In a troubled economy, companies are testing different tactics to differentiate themselves from the pack. But when the competition is steep (and has a larger budget), how can your company rise to the forefront? Chris Brogan offers his suggestions.

In August, hosting company JS-Kit launched Echo, a service that promises to unify commenting on different sites. Jonathan Bailey signed up for a trial system, and while he was impressed with many of Echo’s features and sees it’s potential, you may want to read his take on the site  before you sign up.  

LinkedIn is a great networking site, but simply being on the site is not enough. There are new features to help you mine for prospects, showcase yourself and your company, and participate in conversations important to your business. Scott Kirsner asks a few Twitter users for their tips on how to best use LinkedIn.  

You’ve decided to include social media into your business strategy – great, that’s the first step!  So now what? You’ve created pages on popular sites and may think you’re ready to go, but in order to truly implement a strategy, you need to be thoughtful and take time to look at your business. Answer Christopher Dessi’s 10 questions about your business before you dive in.


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