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Social Tuesday: sustainable, blogs, Twistory

Posted by thecastlegroup on September 22, 2009

Whether you’re a college student trying to make your campus more “green” or a business owner implementing new eco-friendly regulations, it’s helpful to know what the top environmentalists are up to – and tweeting about. From Al Gore to a sustainable “fashionista,” Andrew G.R. runs through his top 20.  Still want more? Check out Castle’s article on sustainable event practices.  

As with anything, over time, your blog will change. From your posting schedule to your focus, expect (and welcome) a shifting of ideas and technique. This is a good thing. Jonathan Bailey describes the top 5 things that change and encourages you to stick with it.

Your company just started a blog? Congrats! Now, the next step is to avoid the mistakes that most new corporate blogs make. Read Josh Catone’s tips for business blogging success.

Did you know that Twitter only stores a maximum of 3,000 tweets? If you’re an active Twitterer, think of all the great content that you’re losing. Thankfully, you can sign up for Twistory and have all of your tweets archived. Next, take this archiving to the next level by adding search and exporting capabilities using Google Calendar. Steve Rubel walks you through the easy process.


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