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Social Tuesday: video blogs, Twitter, social media policy

Posted by thecastlegroup on October 13, 2009

Although video blogging has been around for a while, it is still a novel idea to many people. Video blogging is a great equalizer, as it puts people on the same platform as broadcast media. Video blogging also allows for direct feedback from viewers. With popular, user-friendly channels such as YouTube and affordable video equipment and software available, now may be the time to expand your blog to become more dynamic. Leah Betancourt offers her guide to video blogging.

While utilizing social media can do great things for your company, it can also cause severe damage. B.L. Ochman describes the top three mistakes that companies make over and over again.

Twitter allows you only 140 characters for each update – this can cause some difficulty when trying to define your brand. So what’s the key? Transparency. From expressing personality to admitting when your company is wrong, being open allows customers to get to know you, and more importantly, trust you. Michelle Bowles offers suggestions on how you can both keep tweeting and keep it honest.

If your company is still hesitant to immerse in social media and you want your team to participate, convincing them may be harder than you think. Make sure you are prepared and are able to offer your company’s decision-makers both research and a plan of action. Chris Brogan offers his suggested plan of attack.

Recently, major news organizations have issued social media policies. Are these policies a smart way to protect themselves, or are these organizations closing themselves off from great opportunities? JD Lasica is leaning toward the latter.


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