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Explorica Rewards Educational Travel

Posted by thecastlegroup on October 14, 2009

New client Explorica, which creates educational tours that connect students to new cultures, languages and people, recently announced its Treasure Hunt program – a challenging promotion with huge rewards – $100,000 to be exact. Student tour groups that partake in the Treasure Hunt Challenge are eligible to win $10,000 to create new hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for their school. Each customized treasure hunt will require students to complete region-specific challenges and answer questions before and during their tours. Whether ordering gelato in Italian from a Roman street vendor or taking a glass-blowing class in Venice, groups will receive points for each completed activity and correctly answered clue. Explore, learn and win here. Please feel free this share with any high school teachers, students or families that you know – it’s a terrific way to travel and learn at the same time.


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