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Social Tuesday: blogs, Facebook, Twitter Lists

Posted by thecastlegroup on November 12, 2009

One of the best ways to grow and retain a loyal readership for your blog is to consistently post. Sounds easy enough, but there’s one small catch: your postings need to be interesting. Coming up with new, interesting ideas can be a daunting task, but Chris Brogan offers suggestions. Click and get inspired.  

Now that you’ve mastered the art of the thoughtful blog post, it’s time to post thoughtful comments on the blogs that you follow. You may have extremely smart, insightful contributions, but if you’re rambling, post anonymously or have grammatical errors, your intended message may not be conveyed. B.L. Ochman provides commenting guidelines.  

Admit it. Facebook takes up a lot of your time. But are you fully taking advantage of all the useful features of the site? Probably not. Did you know that you can search, read and post tweets via Twitgether, or find out if you’ll need an umbrella on the way home by checking out WeatherBug? Steve Rubel explores more tasks you can do. Go ahead, never leave Facebook – we won’t tell. 

We often hear that while Twitter is great, sometimes it’s just too much: too many people, too much clutter. Ching Ya suggests Twitter lists to help organize your accounts and improve usability. Besides organization, there are other reasons to be in love with Twitter lists.

Online influencers vs. offline influencers: how does each measure their return on investment, and, more importantly, which is stronger? Often the most successful online influencers struggle offline and vice versa, so how do you reach the best of both worlds? Damien Basille weighs in.


One Response to “Social Tuesday: blogs, Facebook, Twitter Lists”

  1. Dave said

    Great post. Nice blog. I have certainly gained a lot from twitter over time.

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