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Calculating Success

Posted by thecastlegroup on November 18, 2009

In anticipation of increased hiring and an improving economy, we asked Patricia Fox of Pat Fox Consulting to share her expertise on assessing and predicting employee success. Enjoy.


When hiring team members, most people look for the obvious attributes: experience, domain knowledge and track record. What are often overlooked in the hiring process are three attributes that are just as crucial in predicting the success of an individual or team. The good news is that there is an assessment tool available that can measure and predict the impact that individual behaviors and values will have on performance, culture and motivation.

  1. Behavioral strengths and blind spots: Understanding these elements is critical, particularly in regard to how they relate to the business goals and objectives. For example, the person you expect to do inside sales may have a profile that is better suited for customer service and is not so adept at closing a deal. Knowing blind spots as well as strengths equips you to leverage the team to offset weaknesses and also opens up opportunities for training and mentoring.
  2. Ambitions or values: An individual’s ambitions or values play a key role in performance and motivation. Understanding key values makes it easier to predict things like sales aptitude, leadership tendencies, attention to detail and management style. You can improve motivation and increase job satisfaction when compensation structures, bonuses and rewards are in alignment with fundamental values. We usually assume that most individuals are motivated by a cash bonus. However, highly altruistic individuals may be more motivated by matching a charitable contribution or sponsoring an employee volunteer program. Someone who is more theoretical may prefer a company-sponsored class or course. 
  3. Cultural fit: The collective values and behaviors of the leadership teams have a direct effect on the culture and performance of an organization. Have you ever hired a team member who is a proven top performer only to have it turn out to be a bad fit for them and the company? When you can measure and align potential new hires with corporate values and behaviors, it’s easier to predict who will thrive within the organization.

Hiring the right person for a job is always a challenge. However, having insight to critical and quantifiable key human values will enable you to hire star performers who can make significant contributions to the success of their team and the overall organization.  
If you’d like to see how your behaviors and values impact your team and career you are invited to take a complementary assessment.


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