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Social Tuesday: search, blog, e-mail, NutshellMail

Posted by thecastlegroup on December 2, 2009

What is the best way to get ranked in the search engines? Should you simply repeat a key term over and over again? This tactic may initially drive traffic to the site, but if the content is not interesting or relevant, readers driven to your site via search will not be back. So what’s the key to striking a healthy balance? Joseph Kiefer offers his advice.

“What goes around comes around” is a saying that most of us know and use when describing karmic situations. This credo, according to Brian Solis, is “the undercurrent of social media and the currency of the social economy.” A retweet on Twitter, a “like” on Facebook or any type of “following,” are ways to show support, and in return increase your opportunity to receive reciprocal recognition.

Why should a company blog? At Castle, we have found that our blog is a great way to share client news, internal updates, thoughts on social media, PR, events, and really just about anything that’s on our minds (and we mean anything: please see our blog posting on the game show “Wipeout”). Blogging allows you to connect in a different way by using a more conversational tone, thus humanizing your brand. In case you needed yet another reason why you should be blogging, check out B.L. Ochman’s blog.

Although Twitter and Facebook continue to grow, neither site has bumped e-mail from its #1 ranking to communicate and share information. So how do you keep from neglecting these sites while never leaving your inbox? NutshellMail is a new service that sends Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace updates right to your email. In a nutshell (sorry, we couldn’t resist), it’s a huge time saver and a great way to organize and manage your different social media pages.

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