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Social Tuesday: blogs, video

Posted by thecastlegroup on December 16, 2009

We know that it’s difficult to come up with interesting, new topics for blog postings every day…or sometimes even every week. Then, often, when you think you have written a great post, you receive no comments. So how do you improve your blog writing skills and create a stronger readership? Chris Brogan offers his suggestions.

If your company now recognizes that social media is not simply a passing fad, and is considering hiring a firm to manage its social media presence, the questions to ask prospective firms may seem overwhelming, right? B.L. Ochman doesn’t think so.  According to her, there are only two questions you need answered to determine the right fit.

Online video has quickly matured from simple episodic content to live-streaming broadcasting. While we once were in awe of YouTube’s reach and capabilities, we can now watch our favorite stars talk, sing, shop and pretty much do anything you can imagine, all in real time. But live-streaming is not just for celebs like Ocho Cinco or Selena Gomez (although feel free to check out their live channels). Brian Solis details how you can integrate this great medium into your marketing mix.

Is your nana online? Senior social networkers are on the rise, and NanaBlogs is a new site created to support grandmothers who are interested in participating in social networking, including blogging. Read more about this site and find statistics on senior online presence that might just surprise you. Enjoy and make sure to pass on to your nana – she may have some embarrassing stories about you to post.


2 Responses to “Social Tuesday: blogs, video”

  1. Love Nanablogs!

  2. thanks for the shoutout. I’m a she, not a he. my photo is on the blog, i’m the one on the left in the photo. :>)

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