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Social Tuesday

Posted by thecastlegroup on January 26, 2010

We’ve offered tips for spurring creative ideas for blog posts before: write about a question that you, yourself, would like an answer to, take pictures (or post older ones), interview someone of interest, etc. But if you’ve used up these ideas and are left wanting more, Chris Brogan comes to your rescue.

If you’re not participating in social media, then there won’t be any negative comments or conversations, and you will remain in complete control, right? Wrong. Without participation, there will still be conversations, but those conversations just won’t be guided or “shepherded” by you. Read more about what some companies are doing with negative comments.

New year, new ideas! Sounds easy enough, but often, even if you have many brilliant minds at your company, creativity is lacking. Why? Many reasons: the old way is easier, people are scared or boared or unmotivated. Whatever the culprit, it’s time to kick up the creativity and make your company more competitive and exciting. B.L. Ochman has some tips. Need more ideas? Be sure to check out how Castle puts our employees’ brains to work with our “Thing” contest.  

Nestle is the latest company to use virtual goods on social networks to build up an already established brand. Personally, we don’t need additional reasons to buy Nestle Toll House products, but Nestle is giving us some. The campaign was a huge success, inserting branded cookies into the catalogs of Facebook applications that resulted in more than 4,300 photos. Click here for examples on how other companies are utilizing these online campaigns.


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