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Social Tuesday: SEO, crisis communications

Posted by thecastlegroup on February 17, 2010

Start linking everything possible and build SEO traffic. Sounds easy enough, right? Not if you want to raise your rankings. In order to make your linking more effective, you need to take a more strategic approach. Jinger Jarrett offers some suggestions.

Think you know what people are talking, or in this case, tweeting about? Would you be surprised to find out that teen sensation Justin Bieber received more tweets than Haiti-related topics? Check out this week’s Top 10 Twitter Topics.

One of the many great things about social media is that it can be customized: you can speak to different individuals about their specific interests; there is no need to speak to a whole crowd. What are you doing to make yourself stand out and add that little extra something to your interactions? Chris Brogan believes that “custom is everything,” and gives an example of how Disney made Hanes feel special with some flowers…made out of socks.

Traditional media has changed greatly with the integration of social media, and it is critical that PR and other communication agencies adjust their strategies to meet these new needs. One key way to do this is to develop a better understanding of SEO.

For the past couple of weeks, we have been bombarded with negative headlines criticizing Toyota and their reaction (or lack there of) to its vehicles’ mechanical failures. Since many PR agencies provide crisis communications for their clients, we have to ask, “what could they have done better?” B.L. Ochman believes that if Toyota better understood social media and its influence, it wouldn’t be receiving quite as much heat.

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