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Social Tuesday: URLs, video

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 3, 2010

It is obvious that companies are busy trying to fully integrate themselves in social media. But what happens now to your URL? Is this trusty “dotcom” tool fading into the background? Steve Rubel thinks this is a great possibility, as even his pizza shop is advertising only their Facebook page on the cash register.

Social media marketers are the connection between companies and their customers. Would you call them “Experience Facilitators”? Chris Brogan discusses this term.

Any sort of good news these days IS news. Most often, small news stories of people doing good, helping others and succeeding are completely overshadowed by a tragic or controversial issue. One organization,, is looking to change this by providing videos of inspiring stories and utilizing the latest Web technology that “dynamically refreshes information as the video plays, providing up-to-date links to related articles, videos and blogs.” A new model in reporting?

Turn on any channel, and you’ll most likely see an ad featuring customer testimonials. This new way of advertising is catching on. Mercedes-Benz, KFC and others have already begun turning real customer experiences into profits. Colleen Davis explains the success

In social media marketing, if you don’t know your customers, then you can’t engage them, but how can you hope to engage your customers if you don’t know who they are? Lee Oden provides answers to some questions to help break this ‘chicken or the egg’ chain.


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