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Social Tuesday: social media at work, business cards, MySpace, live blogging

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 18, 2010

Here at Castle, if you’re not tweeting, you’re not doing your job. Perhaps it’s the industry we’re in, but we understand the importance of having a “voice” online. Many companies, however, have blocked social networking sites from employees’ computers, believing that they waste time. Undecided on where you stand on the issue? Check out B.L. Ochman’s five reasons why companies should not block these sites.

People typically have more than one (usually closer to eight) ways to get in touch with them or find out more information about them and their company. When it comes time to order your business cards, which contact information should you choose to include? Steve Rubel helps sort through the contact madness.

Remember MySpace? For many, the once extremely popular networking site has become a distant memory. MySpace is implementing a new strategy and business plan. Ben Parr wonders, “Will MySpace return to tech prominence?

If an individual participates in social networking sites, would he/she then be considered a brand manager? According to Brian Solis, “The brand is the direct responsibility of each person representing it, individually and collectively.” Find out about other brand influencers.

In past postings, we’ve discussed the difficulty of consistently producing fresh, original content for one’s blog; live blogging, often done at conferences, presents a whole new set of obstacles. To get the most out of your trip, check out Lee Odden’s tips for efficient live blogging.


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