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The evolution of public relations

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 19, 2010

What’s different about PR today?

  • Fewer media outlets, fewer beat writers, fewer trades publications
  • Transition of “traditional” media to online media with varying degrees of success
  • Bloggers are media, though influence among individual bloggers varies
    • Aggregating blogger communities (e.g. Mom bloggers or elder bloggers) helps amplify a message to specific communities

 What’s the same?

  • Traditional media outlets remain the path the most exposure
  • Editorials, speaking, awards still remain viable publicity options
  • Smart experts, strong news hooks, great images still support and enhance story angles/pitches

 What else?

  • Search favorability is a critical factor to any content
  • Spectrum of social media tools and services must be factored into any news announcements or publicity efforts
  • Content dissemination tools and services (Publish Relations?) help spread news, stories and ideas without the need for traditional media involvement

What else do you see in this transition in the PR industry?


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