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Social Tuesday: personal vs. professional, LinkedIn, small business

Posted by thecastlegroup on April 6, 2010

When it comes to social media, maybe we all just need to take a page from Coca-Cola’s book and stop over-thinking things. Coke’s recent “Happiness” campaign continues to gain momentum, with YouTube videos receiving more than two million views. Learn how they reached monumental success by simply having fun.

Personal vs. professional branding: should the two mix or stay forever separate? You may not have much of a choice; if you’re engaging online for your company, you might not even realize how much the personal/professional line is blurred. Learn more by reading Brian Solis’ interview with branding expert Dan Schawbel.

While many of us have a LinkedIn account, we may not be using it to its full capabilities. If your company is looking to expand, with 60 million professional profiles, LinkedIn is a great resource. Check out this article by Sharlyn Lauby for tips on using LinkedIn to recruit top talent.

Because of limited internal resources, small businesses can become overwhelmed when developing a marketing strategy. The key is to focus on a few tactics and do them really well. Chris Brogan offers his tips for growing small businesses.


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