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Social Tuesday: advertising, applications, YouTube

Posted by thecastlegroup on April 27, 2010

Social media and advertising: each influences the other. Learn more about this relationship through Brian Solis’s recent interview.

New tools are being developed every day; it’s easy to get lost among all these applications. Where do you turn when you’re looking to begin a search, and how do you know what is going to get you the results you’re seeking? Check out B.L. Ochman’s list of favorites.

Now, thanks to Verizon FIOS, you’re just one remote control click away from your favorite YouTube videos. Learn how you can stream videos right into your living room.

According to Steve Rubel, PR is about “going to where the conversation is, and adding value to it.”  Twitter is a fantastic place to promote client news. Check out a great list of Twitter tools for PR professionals.


One Response to “Social Tuesday: advertising, applications, YouTube”

  1. Dan said

    For those who must suffer at the hands of Time Warner Cable there’s

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