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When big ideas are “Litl”

Posted by thecastlegroup on April 29, 2010

A post from Castle VP Hilary Allard, who heads our consumer practice and writes her own food blog

Growing a computer company in Boston’s Back Bay is a big idea. It’s even bigger when the company makes an internet computer, a device intended solely to work with the Web. 

Despite the scope of their innovation, the company is called Litl. And so is the webbook – it’s really cute. See it here.

I learned about them via a tweet promoting a meet-up for local food bloggers organized by, a great social networking site for home cooks.

BakeSpace has created a food channel for Litl. Featured recipes display on a “card” on the screen, quick to click through and find inspiration for dinner.

Full disclosure: the event organizers held a random drawing for a guest to receive a Litl, and I won, a happy surprise as I never win anything. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed using it. It gives my family a convenient second online option, allowing my husband to surf the Web on the Litl without all the extra baggage and size of a traditional computer while I use my laptop to write.

As someone at the event pointed out, when you turn the Litl into “easel mode” (the picture flips around when the device is “folded” inside-out), the scroll roll in the base makes it easy to read through recipes when wearing an oven mitt. This configuration also keeps the keyboard away from kitchen hazards like flour.

(I also need to give kudos to Litl’s extraordinary packaging. The product is presented beautifully in what is really a gift box. Even the company’s business cards are made to look like the webbook. And they’re “little.” Nicely done.)

Everyone knows that nothing brings people together like food, and BakeSpace is proving it – they’ve been nominated for a Webby Award this year, competing against the likes of Twitter for “Best Social Network.”


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