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B2B: Social Media Baby Steps…You Have to Start Somewhere

Posted by thecastlegroup on June 10, 2010

We had a long conversation with a major national accounting firm about social media issues; we were surprised to learn how little they were doing and how unsure they were of where to step in.

One of our favorite ways to create a social media impression is to issue research around social media. For example, research could highlight the ways social media impacts organizational behavior. This is a great way to make some noise in the social media arena…as long as your site/company presents an equally immersive social media experience.

How do you present that immersive experience? First check off the basics: robust Twitter feed, Facebook page, as well as LinkedIn consistency and a LinkedIn group. Feeding these networks is not an easy task, and you should expect about six-to-twelve months before the community you attract begins to supplement your efforts with their own content contributions.

You also must make sure your website is social media-friendly. Beyond simply linking to your social media sites, your site should enable easy sharing of any relevant content, or even feed your site visitors daily content to push onto their networks.

Now on to blogging. A tightly defined blog that is well-written, regularly updated and slightly provocative can really add to your social media “cred.”

Moderated discussions on Twitter are a great way to attract an audience. Take the concept of business process, for example. You could create a Twitter hash tag (the best way to search content on Twitter) and moderate weekly discussions on topics your clients and prospects need to know about (and care about).

Video is hot and will continue to grow. Bring older or newer content to life through video. Site visitor retention rates significantly increase with video.

Bottom line: there is a lot you can do. The simplest path to follow is to make sure all content is search- and social-friendly. Feed your social media sites. Stay responsive and share content. The second path — and ultimately more valuable path — is to create content and converse. While you’ll experience some benefit by participating socially, you will ultimately draw new clients and leap ahead of your consulting-based competitors by focusing your effort.


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