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Web video: Show customers what they want and why

Posted by thecastlegroup on June 15, 2010

Companies are embracing the age of online video. A product or service described with mere text and images might give the consumer an idea of what you’re offering, but it leaves much to the imagination. Words in text can be misunderstood, still images of products can be stale, and, frankly, the combination tends to be unexciting.  

Consumers are turning to online videos as the more effective (and interesting!) method of learning about potential products. In fact, research has found a 40 percent increase in product video viewership.*

This potential often transforms into purchasing behavior, as products featured in web videos result in a 46 percent higher conversion rate than products featured with only text and images, according to a recent Treepodia study. One reason is that consumers view products in web videos as higher-quality items.**

This creates a perceived level of confidence in the product, and by extension, a similar confidence in the consumer. Pete Bell, co-founder of MK3 client Endeca, states that “Visitors to our website who watch a video fill out registration forms at five times the rate of non-viewers.”

Leave all the text and pictures for a magazine. Take advantage of internet capabilities, and show customers what they want and why. Learn exactly what it takes to make these videos such a profitable tool. View specific case studies of online video success.

*eMarketer survey ’07-’08

** ’10

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