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Happy 75th anniversary, Friendly’s

Posted by thecastlegroup on July 21, 2010

Castle VP Hilary Allard shares her Friendly’s memories in honor of the company’s 75th anniversary.

I’m from Western Massachusetts – a part of the state sometimes only known to Bostonians as the pass-through on the way to New York.  (West-bound Mass Pike travelers will know this iconic shrub sign.)

The region is dotted with quaint downtowns, farms and some of the best colleges in the country.  There aren’t many major companies there, but Friendly’s is one of them.  They were celebrating their 75th anniversary this week, and I was there to generate local press coverage.  

Long before I worked with Friendly’s on PR, I was a Friendly’s waitress.  I wore this uniform during one summer break from college (not my actual uniform, but one at corporate headquarters).  It was one of the hardest jobs I have ever had and, as a result, I always tip 20 percent.

The money was good – $100 in tips during Sunday breakfast! – and I saw first-hand the power of this brand.  Although my restaurant was part of a chain, customers used it as their local diner – a place to catch up with friends and neighbors.

That feeling was reflected at the company’s anniversary celebration yesterday as current and former employees, including the founders and early executives, gathered to share memories and, of course, celebrate with some ice cream.

It was a great day for the company, and, personally, I was proud to be a part of it.

See coverage from Friendly’s hometown paper, The Springfield Republican, here:

Do you have Friendly’s memories? Are you a former (or current) employee?


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