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Social Tuesday: web video, blogs, e-mail

Posted by thecastlegroup on August 4, 2010

In Castle’s last newsletter, our in-house creative partner MK3 discussed the importance and growing popularity of web video. Video allows you to show customers what they want and why. Check out how 12 CEOs and founders are utilizing videos as a great marketing tool.

If you have a blog, great. Take a closer look and ask yourself if you are using your blog to its fullest potential. Is your header taking up a large space at the top? Does your crowded sidebar encourage people to immediately click on links and leave your site? Chris Brogan offers blog tips.

We’re not pointing fingers, but many companies are just not good at social media immersion. It’s not always their fault: according to Lee Odden’s blog posting, part of the problem is that most companies are not inherently “social” to begin with and struggle with the idea of having individual employees becoming company personality reps, joining in and starting conversations on the web.

Who doesn’t love Target? Great deals, flashy commercials, that adorable dog with the bull’s-eye…but somehow, Target has continued to struggle when it comes to social media. After a social media campaign controversy in 2007, it seems as though Target is finally receiving sound advice, but may still be a bit hard of hearing. Read B.L. Ochman’s thoughts.

One of the reasons Twitter has become so popular is because in a fast-paced world, people like and respond to short bursts of information. So it would make sense to apply this same theory to your email. Make your email stand out in an inbox inundated with messages by “tweetifying” the lead of your emails.


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