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Teambuilding for the holidays

Posted by thecastlegroup on December 17, 2010

Are you looking for a unique way to engage, inspire and motivate your employees? Castle has seen a new trend toward office-based, local teambuilding activities. Many of our clients have turned to us recently for ideas to help boost internal ties and bonds. Here’s a thought…

In lieu of hosting a traditional cocktail party during the holidays, why not consider a teambuilding activity or event? Below are a few ways to motivate and inspire–and reconnect–this holiday season (or any season for that matter).

  • Clue-based challenges promote team-based strategy: How about an “amazing” race or a scavenger hunt through your town or office? You’d be amazed at how competitive teams get and how much good-natured teasing and bonding results.
  • Dare we say, arts and crafts are just plain fun, especially when those who aren’t so crafty are “encouraged” to join in. Conduct a miniature golf hole-making competition at your office, then all play a round on your custom-designed course – complete with 19th hole, of course.
  • Cooking challenges are hot! Yes, we did say, “hot!” Consider a chili cook-off, an iron chef contest or a grilled cheese competition. Or, for something simpler to pull off, how about a gingerbread-men decorating competition with make-your-own hot cocoa and s’mores stations.

One of the ways we foster creativity–a core mission at Castle–and boost internal bonding is through our annual “Thing” competition. Each December, we hand out a set of raw materials (a different theme each year) to all of our employees. They are given a week or so to create some-“Thing” unique from the supplied items and then present it at our annual holiday get-together.

Year after year, we are consistently reminded how creative our entire team is, not just by the “Things” they create but by the presentations themselves. For us, this is the best gift of all.

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