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How long are elfs’ ears – Holiday Season 2010

Posted by thecastlegroup on December 20, 2010

Please read below the 2010 musings of “Castle kid” Lila in her annual letter to Santa. (Read Lila’s 2009 letter.)

Dear Santa,

Hi, I have some things I was wondering! How long are elfs’ ears?  How can you go around the world in one night? Do you ever have time when you don’t have to work? Do you have different rooms for everything you do? What do you do with the reindeer that don’t fly your sled? How does your sack fit all the presents in it?  How come you only use eight specific reindeer and not your other ones?  Do you have names for all your reindeer?  How can you tell which reindeer is which? How can you put all the presents under the tree without waking up and how do you know when not to come and when to come because someones awake? How does Mrs. Claus help you prepare for Christmas? Why do you want us to give you cookies and milk?  How do you stay away from pets? How do you fit down the chimney? How long do reindeer live for? Do you ever wish you had one more day before you had to deliver all the presents? Do you always wear the same red coat and pants and black belt and black shoes?  How old are you? How do you not get full of cookies and milk?  What do you do if somebody sees you?  Hope you write back and have safe flying!!



What are your holiday questions?


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