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Social Tuesday: iPad, viral, Brightkite, Klout, Facebird

Posted by thecastlegroup on June 16, 2010

Yes, the iPad is cool and makes you the envy of all your laptop-using friends, but can you work on it as effectively as you would on a traditional laptop? Chris Brogan tests it out.

It seems that these days the ultimate goal of campaigns is to make everything, and we mean everything, “viral.” Like most popular terms, “viral” has been overused, and over time its definition has become skewed. So how do we define this term, and what type of creative is most likely to go viral? B.L. Ochman helps clear up confusion.

Your company likely uses a style guide to help ensure its marketing and other messaging are consistent with the brand. Be careful not to forget to extend these guidelines to your social media efforts as well.

A picture is worth a thousand words. If you often consult Yelp and other consumer review sites, you might be interested in Brightkite. With Brightkite, reviewers can add pictures and text to their tips to bring the item, location or service to life. Find out more.

Klout launches new Facebook app Facebird. Facebird’s goal is to help you understand the overlaps in influence between your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Interested? Check out a demo video.

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