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How not to become a jaded employer

Posted by thecastlegroup on October 28, 2010

Todd Defren recently wrote about millenials and how that generation views employment and loyalty, and how we as employers can deal with generational differences.

Here are my thoughts on how not to become a jaded employer and start thinking every employee is a temporary one.


-People will leave. It’s the nature of the employee and the challenge of the employer.

-Finding and training new staff  is hard.

-Keeping good staff is great.

-Generational differences exist, though they are not universal — some staff will live by the new rules, others will resemble a more traditional pre-millenial employee.


-Sometimes it’s good to have turnover to re-energize a team and introduce new thinking.

-Often, those who leave were not cut out for the job, as much as we convince ourselves we are super smart about hiring.

-If you love something, set it free… I’ve had talented staff leave and generally have seen two results. 1) They keep the entrepreneurial spirit we helped them develop and have become leaders in new organizations or started their own ventures, or 2) I keep an eye on them, watch them grow and bring them back when it makes sense for them and us.

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