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Social media survey

Posted by thecastlegroup on October 20, 2009

The Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) is conducting a survey on social media.

Please take the survey and offer your thoughts. Feel free to distribute and invite other PR and communications executives (clients or colleagues) to take the survey as well. While all the answers will be anonymous, we will be sure to share the overall findings.

To take the survey, visit or dial (866) 402-6243.

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Independence day

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 13, 2009

For the first time, we submitted to O’Dwyer’s ranking of independent PR firms. We made the top 100, which seems pretty good. At a minimum, this gives us a good benchmark for future growth against our peers (or competitors).

I took this from the O’Dwyer news brief on the rankings:

“The 157 firms ranked by O’Dwyer had a total of $1,689,996,342 in fees, a 30% gain from the total of $1,299,877,004 reported by 190 independents in 2007.”

This 30% growth number shows the faith companies of all sizes put in independent firms. We have the agility, flexibility and pricing to deliver the best results in the PR community. Technology, coupled with smarts, makes independent firms as formidable as any global conglomerate now.

Our partners in the Public Relations Global Network (PRGN) espouse our belief that independent firms provide the most value and best results. Give us a try and find out for yourself.

(Updated May 27, 2009) O’Dwyer’s has segmented where each ranked agency sits with regard to specific industry categories. According to the rankings, The Castle Group is:

  • 27th largest travel, tourism & hospitality firm
  • 34th largest professional services firm
  • 39th largest food & beverage firm
  • 41st largest financial services firm
  • 56th largest healthcare firm 

Additionally, we are the 8th largest Massachusetts firm.

Our partners PRGN also fared well in the rankings. Listed members and their rankings are below.

67.    CooperKatz & Co., New York

70.    DVL, Nashville

75.    L.C. Williams & Associates, Chicago

91.    Xenophon Strategies, Washington, D.C.

109.  GroundFloor Media, Denver

140.   VPE Public Relations, Los Angeles

149.   Landis Communications, Inc., San Francisco

157.   Buchanan PR, Philadelphia

Independence is nice. And so are those rankings.

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