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Meetings industry leadership speaks out

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 11, 2009

Bill Marriott blogs honestly about the economic impact on the meetings industry, how it affects his hotel, and his support of the U.S. Travel Association’s meetings guidelines and the “Meetings Mean Business” campaign.


And here, Mitchell Beer speaks to the Kerry legislation, revamping the types of incentives provided, and ideas to address the industry’s problems.

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U.S. Travel offers toolkit for meetings industry

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 5, 2009

The links below take you to some U.S. Travel’s meetings industry toolkit elements. Highlights include:


Business travel creates 2.4 million American jobs, $240 billion in spending and $39 billion in tax revenue. The meetings and events component of business travel is responsible for nearly 15 percent of all travel in the United States, drives $101 billion in spending, generates one million jobs and creates $16 billion in tax revenue at the federal, state and local levels.

Meetings, events and incentives are essential tools for companies to strengthen business relationships; align and educate employees and customers; and reward business performance. Members of Congress share this practice when convening their annual retreats at resorts outside Washington, DC


Talking points:

Value of meetings:

Letter to elected officials:


Lend your voice to this effort. Meetings build community, and community is necessary to survive challenging times.

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Incentive travel’s white knight?

Posted by thecastlegroup on March 3, 2009

As the government comes down on TARP-funded companies for their incentive programs, U.S. Travel (the former TIA) has issued a set of responses on behalf of the meeting industry. The organization has done a really terrific job inserting commentary into the media and changing the focus from TARP companies gone wild to the real value of incentive programs. 

I know Castle has a vested interest in the success of the industry, but is it really so hard to understand that a well-executed incentive or meeting actually drives business, leading to revenue which then stimulates the economy? 


Read below for a sample of recent media coverage on the issues and the impact on the meetings industry:




Hawaii hotelier asks Obama for an important favor

Pacific Business News

By Jim George

March 2, 2009


Gibson understands that the incentive-travel pot is an easy target for corporate executives struggling to balance budgets. What he doesn’t understand is why the national media and government at large continue to give travel to Hawaii a negative connotation.


“There’s a perception problem,” he says.


It’s Time To Fight AIG Effect

Hotels Magazine

By Jeff Weinstein

March 1, 2009 


It all started when insurance industry giant American International Group (AIG) was blasted by Congress last fall for spending US$440,000 on an executive retreat at the St. Regis Resort, Monarch Beach, in California after being bailed out with taxpayer money. Now this event has become a symbol of excess and greed, in many ways forcing meeting planners and corporate executives to find other solutions, and other venues, to conduct business.


MPI Launches New Web Resource To Emphasise The Value of Meetings in Crisis Time       

Focus on Travel News

By Ozgur Tore    

March 2, 2009 


MPI is also part of a coalition of organizations including American Hotel and Lodging Association, Destination Marketing Association International, International Association of Exhibitions and Events, National Business Travel Association, Maritz Travel, Professional Convention Management Association, SITE (Society of Incentive & Travel Executives) and U.S. Travel Association that also emerged to unify the industry behind a common message to regulators and media.,english/


Travel Leaders Shows How to Travel in a Tough Economy

Travel Agent

March 2, 2009 


“As one of America’s largest industries, travel and tourism is the vital lifeblood that courses through our nation’s veins. Continued corporate and leisure travel strongly contributes to a healthier economy,” stated Block. “While we can appreciate and understand why many individuals may be reconsidering their travel plans, our Travel Leaders nationally are advising their clients on the most effective ways to stretch their dollars for maximum value.”

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